rename roto shapes in silhouette

I know this is for another application. Anyhow this script will help you friends. So im sharing this with you.

I searched very long some python code for rename roto shapes in silhouette. I tried my self sometime but can't make it exactly what i want. Accidentally i got the script from Johnny Chan's web site.

I made some changes with his script to make it more usable. You can customize as per your need. Hope this will help you friends.

This code will take the Layer name and replace the name to shapes inside the Layer. So no need to rename your hundreds and hundreds of roto shapes manually inside silhouette.

Follow below steps To make it work..


1. Rename your Layer:

2. Go to satheesh in menu bar. Under satheesh you can find Rename-> Rename shapes.  select . ( silhouette 5plus)

Go to Action in menu bar. Under Action you can find Rename-> Rename shapes.  select . ( silhouette 4 or below)

silhouette 5 above...

silhouette 4 and below.


That's it....

Thanks to Johnny Chan's for this most usefull code.


There are 2 python codes inside the file. One for silhouette 5plus and another one for silhouette 4 and below.

download the script and Copy paste it into....

Linux:  /opt/SilhouetteFX/silhouette v5.1/resources/scripts/actions/
(you have to change permission to copied file. Run this command in shell...  chmod 777 -R /opt/SilhouetteFX/silhouette v5.1/resources/scripts/actions/

Windows: C:/Program Files/SilhouetteFX/Silhouette v5.0/resources/scripts/actions/
Restart silhouette. Enjoy :)

Tested with windows and Linux. Working fine with silhouette v5 and v4.1.

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