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projecting multiple camera's in a single object

merging multiple camera projections While working with some clean-plate  or clean-up work. Usually we create multiple peace off patches and project those peaces onto the "cards" ( usually ), sometime on some geometry. like below image:   Here i projected on 3 cards for getting this result. I red on fxguide forum, some one asked like this, is there any way to merge multiple camera projection? Here is the example image which is he attached. Its look really complicated when its grow with some other patches. Here is solution for this. "MergeMat" will do the magic. Add a mergemat node and merge the two projection node output. Add a card node and connect it with mergemat node . Here is other example. I projected 3 images on a cube by left, right and front side with 3 different cameras. Using "M

Daily's gizmo for stereo production

stereoDaily.gizmo stereo daily.: Here i'm sharing my latest gizmo for creating daily's for stereo production. StereoDaily gizmo contain three types off  write nodes (Anaglyph, Nvidia 3D vision and 3D tv's).  Its grab file name from your input and add it to the mov with frame no. (like below image) Your file naming convention need to be like below..  ( Project_Reel01_SH_01_v01.l.0001.dpx) or ( Project_Reel01_SH_01_v01.left.0001.dpx) Don't use underscore after version no.. ( Project_Reel01_SH_01_v01_left.0001.dpx) You can change your daily's path as per your wish by update the Daily node path. StereoDaily gizmo automatically create folder structure based on your system date and stores the .mov files on to the daily's folder. Like below image..  G:\Dailys\01_SBS\21-05-2012\  I used  photojpeg codec for SBS, Anaglyph and H264 for 3D TV. Add stereoDaily gizmo and import your left, right view files and

Lock and unLock node settings in nuke

Lock and unLock node knobs Nuke doesn't have inbuilt function for lock the node settings( knobs, sliders), Like fusion's node lock function. While working with bigger scripts most of the time we accidentally  adjust the node sliders with out knowing which node is selected. ( what the hell is happening i didn't adjust anything..... ????!!!!! ) This code lock selected nodes knobs. So no worrier’s about accident changes. Right click on the nodes property panel. You will get knobLock & unlock short-cut key. import lockNode"Properties").addCommand('lock_Knobs', 'lockNode.lockNode(True)')"Properties").addCommand('unlock_Knobs', 'lockNode.lockNode(False)') Download: Hope this will help you friends.