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Export Nuke's retime information

Export Nuke's retime information To 3D packages: This is happen while working with production. In most cases retiming is done beforehand or at the end of a comp. Some time shots getting retimed after Match-move is done. By that time Nuke's retime data (curve) will help to match the tracked camera to new retimed plate. Here is the trick to export nuke's retime date (curve) to 3D packages such as maya, max, Houdini etc. Here im explaining how to export nuke's retime curve to maya. Constant re-speed. I want to retime my input by 200%. Add a retime node and change the speed to 2. Don't forget to change the filter option to None . Retime node doesn't generate retime curve at all. So note down the output range. It changed from original range 1001 - 1042 to 1001 - 1021. Which means our input ended with 1021. Add a TimeWarp node and set keyFrames based on our retime output result. Set a key frame at 1001 as 1001 in input frame knob. Got

flop flip in nuke

Image Nuke doesn't have this small and very handy utility built-in. For doing this function in nuke we need to use "VIEWER_INPUT" method (or) add mirror node and connect it with a (any) node, then constantly check and un-check the Horizontal or vertical knob. Finally you have to delete the mirror node. flopFlip script dosen't need above step 's. Just press ctrl+F for flop, ctrl+shift+F for flip. Before:  After: flopFlip will help you to flop & flip your current viewer result. I use to do this for checking my final comps and review my shots. Playback software's like RV, frame-cycler and other tools have this handy function. flopFlip: Hope this will help you friends. download: nukepedia:  nukepedia ''' Created on 21-apr-2013 @author: satheesh-R mail - Add following lines to your import flopflip menuBar.addComman


Magic_CornerPin2D gizmo make your life easier to place your pin's on right place by single mouse click. Added extra function called 'set To bbox' in From tab. Load Magic_CornerPin2D and goto From tab and click 'set To bbox' button..... pins are automatically placed based on input bounding box. After click 'set To bbox'....  Hope this will help you guys. Download:  from sky drive nukepedia sample script: set cut_paste_input [stack 0] version 6.3 v4CheckerBoard2 {  inputs 0  name CheckerBoard1  selected true  xpos -40  ypos -267 } Crop {  box {275 380 1480 1015}  name Crop1  selected true  xpos -40  ypos -182 } Magic_CornerPin2D {  name Magic_CornerPin2D1  selected true  xpos -40  ypos -105  disable true  "extra matrix" 0  from1 {274 379}  from2 {1481 379}  from3 {1481 1016}  from4 {274 1016} }