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Image Nuke's crop node missing the future of select a region and crop. So i found little cheat way to achieve this.  This little script get the value from ROI and set the value to selected crop node. Step - 1: Add  a crop node. Step - 2: Enable ROI draw mode by " alt+w " Step - 3: Choose your region using mouse drag on Viewer. Disable the ROI by " shift+w " ( currently 'roi' enable or disable is not accessible via python, So we have to disable it by manually ) Step - 4: Run this code. Video example:   Hope this will help you friends... python code: import os, math, nuke def sCrop():     sel = None     try:       sel = nuke.selectedNode()     except ValueError:  # no node selected       pass     if sel is not None:         ### getting value from ROI         roiXY = nuke.activeViewer().node().roi()         crpX = roiXY['x']         crpY = roiXY['y']         crpT = roiXY['t']    

nuke particle templates

Nuke particle Templates Hi nuker's this page dedicated for nuke particle templates. I will keep update this page with different nuke particle template's. Enjoy....  1. sparks ( welding sparks) This is simple sparks, you can manipulate as per your need. Download: sparks_v01.nk

Nuke 7.0 roto shapes to Nuke 6.0 - 6.3

Nuke 7.0 roto shapes to Nuke 6.0 - 6.3 Hi friends today i faced a problem with nuke roto shapes because of version-up. I done roto with nuke 7.0 and my friend need it for nuke 6.3. I just rendered as image sequence and send it to him. Everything is fine.  But the edit has changed later and frames extended at beginning of the shot. So i searched with google and found a solution. Thank you foundry!!! always artist friendly.. They already have solution for this. They documented this with release notes. You can find this nuke 7.0v1 release notes page no 8. If you want Nuke 7 scripts to load in Nuke 6, use the convertToNuke6 or convertDirectoryToNuke6 Python functions when running Nuke 7 in terminal only mode. Here is the step to convert nuke7 rotoshape to nuke 6 rotoshape. Save your roto-shapes into new nuke file and save it into separate folder. step 01. open terminal and redirect to nuke7 installed DIR. step 02. Run nuke terminal mode. for