Saturday, July 13, 2013

Help full Nuke short-cut's

Some cool and very help full nuke short-cut's

Here i'm going to share some cool and very help full nuke short-cut's with you friends. These are all my favourite short-cut's inside nuke.

1. "ctrl+up arrow or ctrl+down arrow"

you can move your selected node to above or below the next node.

But this will not work with multiple nodes. You cant move multiple nodes with this short-cut. (you can create some python code for doing this)

2. "crtl+shift+c"

This will pop-up the selected nodes "tile_color" picker window. You can color code the selected node or nodes same time.

3. "ctrl+right arrow & left arrow"

This will jump into half of the time in your time line. example: If your current frame is 50 ctrl+left arrow will jump to 25th frame. If you give it again it will jumb into 13. Your mouse should in viewer window.

This short-cut also work with key frames. you can jump in-between the key-frames exactly.

4. "n"

will rename the selected node in the node graph.

5. "y" & "alt+y"

'y' connect the first selected node to next selected node.

"alt+y' connect the mask input with next selected node.

6. "r" with selection write node.

Hitting 'r' with selection a write node will take you to selected write nodes file path (DIR). User can easily read the rendered file's into nuke by using this short-cut. By default 'r' will take you to the home folder.

7. "alt+w" to draw new ROI region.

User can draw the ROI region as per their need by hitting 'alt+w'. This shortcut will reset the ROI and user can specify the area. 'shift+w' for toggle on & off of the ROI.

8. "ctrl+node selection"

Normal selection select any on node. "ctrl+node selection" will select all the nodes connected with your current selection. This will help you to copy the hole set-up for pre-comp and organize your script.

9. "render order" in write nodes.

This option will help us to render the write nodes in order. By using this we can source files from current render. You can use multiple pre-comps and then sourcing the files to next peace of comp.

This future will help us lot of the time. Personally this is one of my favourite future in nuke.

10. Numeric " / & * "

Scale-up and scale-down the bg input in rotoPaint node. User can scale up and down the reveal or clone source using these keys. Shift and alt with these keys will increase and decrease the scale up and down value.

Numeric " 0 & . "

These two keys rotate the bg input respectively minus and plus. Shift and alt with these keys will increase and decrease the scale up and down value.

Usual nudging  key's will move the BG X & Y.

11. "ctrl+enter" - "shift+escape"

ctrl+enter will open selected group node into group node graph.

shift+escape will close the current node graph.

12. "ctrl+L" in viewer.

"ctrl+L in viewer" will lock the current camera. It turns on the camera icon into red. User also do this by clicking the camera icon using mouse.

ctrl+ mouseClick will turn the camera mode interactive. The icon will turn into green color. User can animate the camera interactively by this way.
( this will work for Light and Camera)


Friends you can suggest some more cool short-cut's.

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