Wednesday, June 20, 2018

simple clean screen using IBK colour with un-premult

simple clean screen using IBK colour with un-premult

Many of us using stack of IBK colour node with incremental of values to get clean Blue or Green screen.

Example below image:

Most cases 1 IBK color node will give good result. But in some shots we ended up stacking multiple IBK color node to get the clean screen(plate).

When use multiple IBK color node the script became slow, Each node takes more time to produce the result. How do we overcome this slowness ?!

Here is the alternate way:

I used blur and un-premult nodes to get the similar result. This is much faster then IBK color stacking.

Comparison of both method result:

Result looks similar. Some shots this method produced better result compare to IBK color stacking.

Final result comparison:

Here is the steps:

1. Denoise your plate.
2. Create a IBK colour node. Choose your screen type. Play with the values to get the fine result.
3. Add a premult after IBK colour.
4. Create a Blur node. Change channels to rgba. Enable mask to rgba and check invert. Check below image.

5. Add un-premult after the Blur node.
6. Add some value to the Blur size. Magic, all the blacks will start filling with your screen colour.

Hope this will help you compers. Comment your thoughts and ideas below.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


S_Despill Nuke Gizmo

There are tons of despill gizmos and templates available in internet and nukepedia for nuke. Many compositors having their own set of gizmos and technic to do despill.

Here is one of my all time fav despill gizmo i have created. Used in many instances over couple of years. S_Despill gives me lot of control in terms of edge management and retaining plate color.

This gizmo gives much more control to user
1. User can visualise the the amount of spill removed from the plate.
2. Make your screen to middle gray after removing spill by adjust the multiply.
3. Red Contribution controlling the red amount of de-spill. Mask option give user to apply the red contribution on selected areas. (good for control the skin tone edges)

Here is the video demo:


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