Magic_CornerPin2D gizmo make your life easier to place your pin's on right place by single mouse click.

Added extra function called 'set To bbox' in From tab. Load Magic_CornerPin2D and goto From tab and click 'set To bbox' button..... pins are automatically placed based on input bounding box.

After click 'set To bbox'....

 Hope this will help you guys.

Download: from sky drive

sample script:

set cut_paste_input [stack 0]
version 6.3 v4CheckerBoard2 {
 inputs 0
 name CheckerBoard1
 selected true
 xpos -40
 ypos -267
Crop {
 box {275 380 1480 1015}
 name Crop1
 selected true
 xpos -40
 ypos -182
Magic_CornerPin2D {
 name Magic_CornerPin2D1
 selected true
 xpos -40
 ypos -105
 disable true
 "extra matrix" 0
 from1 {274 379}
 from2 {1481 379}
 from3 {1481 1016}
 from4 {274 1016}

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