projecting multiple camera's in a single object

merging multiple camera projections

While working with some clean-plate  or clean-up work. Usually we create multiple peace off patches and project those peaces onto the "cards" ( usually ), sometime on some geometry.

like below image:

 Here i projected on 3 cards for getting this result.

I red on fxguide forum, some one asked like this, is there any way to merge multiple camera projection?

Here is the example image which is he attached.

Its look really complicated when its grow with some other patches.

Here is solution for this. "MergeMat" will do the magic. Add a mergemat node and merge the two projection node output. Add a card node and connect it with mergemat node.
Here is other example. I projected 3 images on a cube by left, right and front side with 3 different cameras. Using "MergeMat" node.
Here is the example files:!265

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