Hi friends i made a gizmo called nAnaglyph for render stereo footages as anaglyph files ( mov or jpg sequence ).

Usually what we do to create anaglyph proxy (mov - jpg sequence).
Open Nuke--> projectSettings-->Views and press set up views for stereo. Then import our Left, Right sequence. Add joinViews from stereo menu and add anaglyph Node and play with some settings. Finally we are ready to render our files.

For reduce the timing of above job i found a solution. Because I'm bit crazy lazy fellow (I'm a TD). so i created nAnaglyph.gizmo.


Open Nuke. import your Left, Right footages, Add nAnaglyph.gizmo connect it with your L,R read nodes... Bang!!!! your ready to render.

( sorry folks currently nAnaglyph supports red-cyan only. Have future plan to add other color schemes )

Hope it will help you friends.



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