Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lock and unLock node settings in nuke

Lock and unLock node knobs

Nuke doesn't have inbuilt function for lock the node settings( knobs, sliders), Like fusion's node lock function. While working with bigger scripts most of the time we accidentally  adjust the node sliders with out knowing which node is selected. ( what the hell is happening i didn't adjust anything..... ????!!!!! )

This code lock selected nodes knobs. So no worrier’s about accident changes.

Right click on the nodes property panel. You will get knobLock & unlock short-cut key.
import lockNode"Properties").addCommand('lock_Knobs', 'lockNode.lockNode(True)')"Properties").addCommand('unlock_Knobs', 'lockNode.lockNode(False)')


Hope this will help you friends.

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